USADSF Spotlight with Noah - Lauren Weibert Interview


Noah: Hello! Welcome to USADSF Spotlight with Noah.  I’m Noah Valencia. We are really excited to show you our weekly Spotlights based on interviews with past, current and future athletes. Our first guest is.. guess who?   Lauren Weibert.  

Noah: Let’s have you introduce yourself.

Lauren: Hi!  I’m Lauren Weibert. I competed in two Winter Deaflympics, 2015 and 2019.  

Noah:  What was your biggest challenge?

Lauren:  My biggest challenge was not having the same equal access to training, resources and coaches like US Olympians and Paralympians.  IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognizes Deaflympics so I don’t understand why the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee are not supportive of us.  But, that just means we, Deaflympians, always work harder, are more motivated, have more grit and that we can do it!

Noah:  How would you encourage athletes who have been in training, now to go through these times (Coronavirus pandemic)?

Lauren:  “How to encourage training during this time?” This coronavirus pandemic, I know, brings us to a weird time but every person’s situation is different.  For me personally, I am lucky to have already been in isolation. I continue to stay in isolation, I do running in the mornings, and do yoga. It is important to move your bodies, and of course, to eat healthy, too. And to wash hands!  

Noah:  What is your motto that you would like to share with us?

Lauren:  A “motto”.. Hmm  The one motto that I like is, “There is magic on the other side of fear.”  So, for me, that means it is important to step out of your comfort zone. It scares me a little.  That is how you make progress and learn. 

Noah:  Do you have any advices for young female athletes who want to participate (in competitions)

Lauren: Who wants to be a Deaflympian? Yes! We need more women, please! Come and join us!  My advice would be, Love what you do, you have to have passion for it because if you don’t really enjoy it, then you won’t have fun doing it.  Then why do it, what is the point of doing it? I LOVE snowboarding so honestly, I go for FUN. Ha!

Noah: With your experiences at the recent Winter Deaflympics (Italy), what was your favorite memory? 

Lauren:  Overall, my favorite experience was the sense that I felt I belonged and of course, the food, so delicious. I love food!

Noah:  Lauren, Thank you for your time, giving us great responses. You all, stay tuned for the next segment.  Until then, So long.

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