USA Men’s Deaf Basketball Forward Matthew Sherman Preps for His First World Championships

LUBLIN, POLAND—The World Deaf Basketball Championships tips off tomorrow in Lublin, Poland. From June 27 to Saturday July 6, the world’s best Deaf basketball teams will compete for the Gold! USA Men's Deaf Basketball team opens the tournament on Friday against Greece at 4pm (Central European Summer Time/UTC+2). USA is in Group D along with Greece and Japan, runners up at the 2019 U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championships.

Matthew Sherman, a 6’-4” forward from Angora, Minnesota and graduate of Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, is a member of the USA Deaf Men’s Basketball Team. Sherman, who also played on the USA U-21 Men’s Basketball team that won the gold medal at the 2019 U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championship, sits down for an interview with USADSF.

USADSF: How old were you when you first began playing basketball competitively? How did you fall in love with the sport?

Sherman: I was only six years old when I first began playing basketball competitively. My parents introduced me to basketball when they set up a basketball hoop at home and my love for basketball developed from there. I was always playing outside back then! My dad definitely played a role by teaching me the game and the fundamentals.

USADSF: Tell us more about how you developed your skills; did you attend basketball camps and/or receive personal coaching growing up?

Sherman: I attended plenty of basketball camps while I was growing up, and I received a ton of one-on-one coaching from a few key people in my life and they are the reason why I am playing in the World Championships right now.

USADSF: How often do you play?  

Sherman: It’s my release. Playing basketball is an opportunity for me to set aside any worries or troubles, and to focus on just playing my heart out in a game that brings me so much excitement and connects me with people everywhere. I trained pretty often growing up because I had a basketball court at home so I could just go out and play a game of basketball whenever I wanted to with my brother who also plays basketball.

USADSF: What does your workout routine look like?

Sherman: I work out regularly mostly by lifting weights and running.

USADSF: Although basketball is your main sport, did you participate in other sports growing up?

Sherman: I participated in many different sports while growing up and such as soccer, football, baseball, and track & field. If I had to choose another sport to participate other than basketball, it would definitely be football or baseball.

USADSF: Tell us about your hobbies off the court. What do you do when you’re not shooting hoops in the gym?

Sherman: I enjoy many different outdoor hobbies such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and snowboarding! I’ve always loved the outdoors.

USADSF: What are your long-term goals outside of basketball?

Sherman: I am currently in my fourth year at Gallaudet University. I major in government with a specialization in law along with business administration as my minor. My long term plan is to graduate with a degree within a few years and use my success to make a difference anywhere I go in the world.

USADSF: What are you looking forward to most about the World Deaf Basketball Championships?

Sherman: This will be my first international basketball experience while representing the USA team! I look forward to playing my heart out for my country and meet other Deaf basketball players from all across the world and connect with them!

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