Staff Selection Criteria - Bowling - 2025 Summer Deaflympics

USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) exercises its coordinating authority with each National Sport Organization (NSO) or National Sport Committee (NSC) to develop and approve procedures for selecting staff to represent the United States in international competitions. Each NSO or NSC should complete the staff selection criteria at the beginning of each quadrennial Deaflympic cycle for each event the NSO or NSC expects to send a team to compete.

The Staff Selection Criteria outlines each staff position the NSO and NSC expects to send to the event. If it becomes necessary to add additional positions, the criteria can be amended using the Criteria Amendment Form prior to the Event pending approval by the NSO and the USADSF Executive Board. Additionally, before any member of the coaching staff can be named to the Selection Committee in the Athlete Selection Criteria, their positions, criteria, and selection must be approved by USADSF.

The USADSF encourages NSOs and NSCs to identify staff members that will be necessary to create a safe and optimal sports environment for athletes. To achieve this, the NSOs and NSCs should take in consideration the communication requirements of its athletes in order to ensure effective communication at the event.

USADSF strongly discourages the practice of self-appointing an NSO leader as a coach.

This selection policy has been agreed upon by the USADSF Ad Hoc Bowling Committee and the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF). It provides details regarding the process by which the USADSF Ad Hoc Bowling Committee will arrive at staff nominations. The USADSF Ad Hoc Bowling Committee will submit these nominations to USADSF for consideration and final selection as a staff on the Deaf Sailing USA, Inc. roster for the 2025 Summer Deaflympics (hereafter called the "Games" or "Event").

View the selection criteria here.

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