Audiogram Policy

Eligibility Regulations

The Summer/Winter Deaflympics, World Deaf Championships, Regional Championships, and all other ICSD Sanctioned competitions brings together deaf athletes to compete through fair play. Part of promoting fair play is the 55dB eligibility rule.

USADSF and all NSOs shall adhere to the ICSD Audiogram regulations and the 55dB eligibility rule.

  • Each athlete having a hearing loss of at least 55 decibels pure tone average in the better ear (3-tone frequency average at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz, ISO 1969 Standard, as established by the ICSD)

Copy of Hearing Test Administered by a Certified Audiologist

Each athlete shall submit a copy at least 4 months prior to the event, of his most recent hearing test (not more than 1 year old) , performed by a certified audiologist and showing the level of hearing loss in decibels.

  • The athlete shall show his driver's license or valid identification card to the certified audiologist administering the test.
  • The Certified Audiologist must document their credentials on the test.

Procedures to submit audiograms

Please first contact to see if the athlete is already in the ICSD audiogram database.

If the athlete's name is not on the list, the athlete must provide a new audiogram (not more than one year old), see details above on test administered by a Certified Audiologist.

After receiving audiogram from certified audiologist, please send your copy to

USADSF will review form for its accuracy and ensure all boxes are filled 1. Air Conduction, 2. Bone Conduction, 3. Tympanograms, and 4. Acoustic Reflexes (see page 3 on ICSD Audiogram Regulations on how to fill an audiogram)

USADSF will forward audiology form to USADSF appointed audiologist for final review and approval before sending to ICSD

If USADSF appointed audiologist has comments on audiogram for further testing, USADSF will send audiogram and comments back to athlete for follow up.

Athletes' audiograms will only be submitted to ICSD from USADSF.

Failure to submit or late entries:

Any audiograms submitted to ICSD less than 3 months prior to an event will be penalized $40 per form/athlete and if submitted less than 1 month will be penalized $100 per form/athlete.

New athletes without an audiogram form on the starting day of event will not be permitted to participate in the competition.

Responsibility of the athlete during competition:

It is the athlete's responsibility to ensure that he/she is not wearing any hearing aid(s)/amplification or external cochlear implant parts during the warm-up and competition within the restricted zone areas.

All athletes will not be allowed to wear any hearing aid(s)/amplification or external cochlear implant parts upon entering any contest or competition venues. All athletes must remove hearing aid(s)/amplification or external cochlear implant parts during the last training prior to competitions.

Violations and Penalties:

If a competitor in an individual sport wears a hearing aid(s)/amplification or external cochlear implant parts, he/she will be taken out of competition immediately. If he/she competes in different events in this and other sports he/she will be disqualified only in the event the violation was done.

If a competitor in team sports wear hearing aid(s)/amplification or external cochlear implant parts during play his/her team may lose the game by forfeit according to each sport's regulations concerning a forfeit. The player is free to participate in the next game. However losing a game with a fixed set of figures may sometimes be a beneficiary to the team. This must be taken into account and a team must never gain from losing a forfeit.

In case of violations, the ICSD officials will report all violations to the ICSD Chief Executive Officer and all given prizes, awards, medals, and diplomas of the disqualified competitor and/or his/her team shall be cancelled and returned. In addition, a $1,000 fine will be levied based on the decision of the ICSD Executive Board.

If USADSF repeats violation rules (section 3.1, 3.2, 3.6 in the ICSD Audiogram Regulations) more than once, the ICSD Executive Board may suspend USADSF for two years for all sanctioned sport events.

ICSD Audiogram Policy

Please review and understand the rules and regulations before attending any competitions. More information on Audiogram Policy found here:

ICSD Audiogram Form

ICSD Audiogram Regulations – Version 4 (07 March 2016)